University Certificate in Mechatronics

About the course

In response to industry demand for both theoretical and practical knowledge of mechatronics, we consulted with representatives from organisations such as Masco Window Group, Waldons, Renishaw, Airbourne Systems, and the Ministry of Defence to offer an introductory course that gives you the currently in-demand skills and knowledge needed to begin working with modern-day mechatronic systems typically used in industrial automation and robotics.

This introductory-level course is suitable for technicians and engineers who wish to learn how to combine mechanical, electrical, and control systems. Stay competitive and adapt to new technologies with the help of our flexible distance learning programme.

You can choose to study modules individually, but students who successfully complete any three modules will be eligible to apply for a University Certificate in Mechatronics.

Mechanical Science

This module introduces you to engineering principles in the areas of static and dynamic. You will investigate a number of major scientific principles which underpin the design and operation of engineering systems and solve basic engineering problems.

Analogue and Digital Electronics

This module introduces you to basic analogue electronics components and systems and the basic building blocks of digital logic circuits. You will learn to analyse, synthesise, design and test electronic circuits and systems using these concepts.

Mechatronic Systems

This module introduces you to the basics of mechatronic systems and their applications. You will learn about measurement systems, actuation systems, and modelling and controller design. You will analyse industrial or consumer objects to apply your knowledge of these systems to a real-world setting. 

Introduction to C Programming and Embedded Systems

This module introduces you to the C programming language as a tool in developing embedded hardware solutions for intelligent measurement and control applications. You will learn the mechanics of programming along with the constructs and syntax of the language. The focus will be on the development of embedded solutions using microcontrollers in a simulation environment.

The length of time it takes to complete the University Certificate in Mechatronics (UCert Mechatronics) will vary depending on each student’s experience on entry. 

The course is taught by knowledgeable, experienced staff who will help you gain a sound understanding of engineering principles.You can study in your own time from home or the workplace using our online learning materials. This learner-centred study through the use of research, report writing, assignments and practical work-based exercises will develop your skills and understanding. 

You may find you are experienced in some of the topics as part of your job,  your studies simply provide you with further focus and additional benefits.

Upon successful completion of one module you will achieve a University Certificate of Credit in Professional Studies.                

Upon successful completion of two modules you will achieve a Foundation Certificate in Professional Studies.               

To achieve a University Certificate in Mechatronics you will need to complete three modules.

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