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Quality Management and Planning

This module explores the key concepts of quality management and how it can improve business performance. Topics include: principles of quality, the PDCA cycle, quality planning in the product lifecycle, process design, quality related costs, new product development.

£425 Jan 2018


Management Systems and Legislation

This module provides a foundation in the relevant legislation within an organisational context. Topics include: quality systems audit, quaity related legislation and regulation, legal principles, statutory requirements, conformity testing and management of legal risks.

£425 Jun 2018


Using Quality to Improve Business Performance

This modules focuses on continual improvement and its application to business. Topics include: prioritising projects for quality improvement, the improvement process, managing improvement projects and lean process improvement concepts.

£425 Apr 2018


People and Systems in Quality

This module examines the role that organisational value and culture play in the achievement of quality performance. Topics include: leadership and motivation, group dynamics, communication, management system models and standards and conformity assessment.

£425Sep 2017


Monitoring and Measuring for Quality

This module explores the role that monitoring and measuring plays in making decisions related to quality. Topics include: fundamental principles of monitoring and measuring for quality, criteria for selection, types of data collection and analysis and tools for data collection.

£425Nov 2017


A Quality Project

This module focuses on the process of undertaking management research. Topics include: research methods, application of data collection to business research, developing and testing theories, sources of information and comparing and presenting results.

£425 Sep 2017