Motivational Top Tips for Distance Learners

December 1, 2016

This post offers ways to stay motivated during your online studies.

Between busy work schedules, hectic personal lives, and a list of responsibilities from both, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated during your online course. Here are our top tips:

Focus on the end goal

Why are you undertaking the course? Why do you want this qualification? Are you seeking to gain a promotion, new job or career? Maybe it's all for personal satisfaction? Whatever the reason, focus on it and how you will feel when you have achieved your goal. Try making a note of these reasons and remember to refer back to them when you feel your motivation is low. Remind yourself that the time spent studying is bringing you a step closer to your goal!

Plan your learning

Manage your time and make studying a regular habit. Maybe you prefer to study little and often or like to commit to a whole weekend every month. Maybe you spend a lot of time on the train commuting and this is when you plan to study. Planning is a great way to enable you to study around other commitments. Plan. For. Everything.

Minimise distractions

Make sure you have a quiet and comfortable space to study. Remove yourself from partners, little ones, colleagues: they can all be a big distraction. Make it clear when you need some peace and quiet.

Take breaks

Take them often. Don't make studying a chore. Not taking breaks can seriously affect your motivation. Give yourself five or ten minutes to grab a snack and stretch your legs.

Be well

Eat and sleep. If you are tired, motivation to study will most likely be very low at best. As with the above, take regular breaks and use it as an opportunity to snack and drink lots of water.

Learn from your mistakes

Maybe you haven't studied in a while. Sometimes it can take some getting used to. Don't let yourself get demotivated. If you've suffered a setback or feel like you are struggling, don't worry. Learn from it and plan for next time.

Reward yourself

Set short term goals and stay motivated. Have you followed and stuck to your plan this week? Treat yourself. You deserve it. If you haven't stuck to your plan and are feeling more and more demotivated, think about the consequences of continuing this way. Does the thought of failing a module or frantically cramming in the next few days for that looming deadline fill you with despair? Make a plan and think about the reward.

Just do it!

Sometimes you really won't feel like it. Force yourself. Sometimes starting is the biggest hurdle. If you find you are still struggling after 20 minutes maybe it is time to consider it a study rest day. That's fine. Stop and try again tomorrow.

Have fun

It doesn't have to be all research and reading from academic textbooks. There is a whole world of documentaries, YouTube videos, articles and blogs on your subject - and most are available to you for free. You don't have to reference what you read/watch/hear, but it will all help to broaden your subject knowledge and will go a long way to helping you understand real-world applications of the theories. And all the time keepig the topic frsh and interesting.

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